Thoughts for Growth



Here we are in 2012 – an era where we have technological advancements that would make even Albert Einstein marvel, but would vindicate George Orwell.  We’ve advanced the world around us, and forgotten what really makes us human – our connection with nature and each other.

We’ve become pompous idiots, telling each other that our way of life is better than others, as if each of us is the savior of this world.  Most religious people proselytize what they don’t live up too, or they assume to speak for their god(s), but if you read their scriptures, their god(s) isn’t/aren’t as mean and stubborn as those that profess obedience.  Many people I know have grown up in religious families, but are now atheist because of what I just wrote about, and or similar reasons.  People see what they want to see, not what is.

We see life…

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